City transfers UK's health and safety measure during COVID-19

City transfers UK is aligned with PHE giudelines

We have built our approach to our COVID-19 policies firmly around an adherence to PHE (Public Health England) guidelines. Roll out will be as follows across the board, on all services:

  • All drivers will wear appropriate PPE equipment at all times whilst working. A minimum of mask, gloves and hand gel will be mandatory. 
  • Passengers will not be allowed to sit in the front of vehicles to protect both driver and passenger. Passenger are being asked to ensure that they are following UK Government and PHE/NHS guidelines and ensure they are not exhibiting symptoms before travelling with us. 
  • Drivers will ensure they adhere to UK Government and PHE/NHS guidelines by not working if they are exhibiting any symptoms. 
  • We will continue to offer our standard private car and executive private car services as usual. Our shared service is to be suspended on health and safety grounds but will be replaced by a semi private service with increased social distancing implemented. Details on the logistics of this new service will be released shortly.
  • When able, luggage should be only handled by the passenger. In cases where help is required from the driver, drivers should sanitise their hands immediately afterwards and avoid touching their face until this is done. 
  • Drivers will open doors for clients. Again, they should sanitise their hands immediately and avoid touching their face until this is done.

We shall regularly update our guidelines to ensure both our passengers and drivers are as safe as possible, and will revise our guidance to reflect changes to UK Government Guidelines that are made