Our Technology

Supported by state of the art despatch and tracking systems City Transfers provides free 24 hour support to both our clients and yours.


White label

We can create a customised White label website with your branding that can be accessed via a link on your site; this enables clients to book our services through your site with minimal effort. No close outs or lack of availability as you are directly connected to our database.


You can link directly in to our system via XMl; this enables you to access all our products directly into your booking path on your own website. You will have our large array of products readily available to your clients via your site.


APIs facilitate communication between different applications, enabling them to communicate effectively with each other. Clients can link to our API or alternately we can connect with clients API’s to enable seamless integration of products, pricing, availability and more.

Booking Page

All our wholesale, Tour operator and hotel clients can be issued a web user and password which gives you access to our web booker, your bookings, financial tracking, operational documents and you can even physically track your confirmed vehicles from within your web account!