Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open an account?

This can be done by contacting our product and contracting team via email; once we receive your request we will follow up and set you up on our system.

How do I make a reservation?

This can be done via numerous channels depending on what suits you. Reservations can be sent to our reservations team via email or alternatively you can integrate your system with ours via XMl, API, we can also set up a white label website customised with your branding or a user and password for our online booking portal.

What happens if our clients attempt to book direct with you?

City Transfers UK is strictly a (B2B) business to business organisation; our staff are rigorously trained and will always ensure that they point clients wishing to book back to their respective wholesaler or tour operator via the correct channels; it’s a promise.

Where can I receive a list of your products and rates?

Our core products can be found on our website but a full list of products will be supplied at the time of sign up along with rates, vouchers and product notes. Please note that we are constantly expanding our product portfolio and will issue new products, rate and vouchers throughout the season as we load them.

Do you provide tailored/bespoke services?

YES! Our highly experienced product support and ops teams are specialists in tailoring a personalised service to suit our clients. Our dynamic team offers a robust service through which you can have it your way; from branded meet and greet boards to customised itineraries, designated meeting points or perhaps a helicopter tour within an existing tour, City transfers UK will go to great lengths to provide a tailored service to meet any bespoke requirement.